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  1. Matte-Grip.jpg
    Get a grip! We’re aware that this diligent styling product might sound a little… aggressive. But that’s because our favorite clean-feeling creme doesn’t shy away from its job: adding workable, malleable, matte-finish and control to hair that lasts – wait for it – a full three days. Perfect choice for: Any hair texture. (Seriously, how many texture crèmes are so versatile that they can tackle thick strands but not weigh down the finer babies? We can’t think of one.) Learn More
  2. precious-colorleavein.jpg
    Ultra lightweight protector for maximum color duration due to UV filters that help prevent color fade and damage. The UV filters allow our leave-in formula to prolong the intensity and shine of color reflections while protecting the integrity of the hair. Learn More
  3. precious-thirstyshampoo.jpg
    Extra-fluid gentle Shampoo, gently cleanses and restores the optimum water level for revitalized and combable hair. Learn More
  4. Semi di Lino Diamond Shampoo 250ml
    An embrace full of light in the hair. A soft, replenished hair shaft with immediate, long-lasting shine. Learn More

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